No Longer a Dream: Solar Energy To Power Cities at Night

Depleting energy resources has always been a problem in today’s modern world. With the pressure placed on companies to be environmentally conscious and innovative, scientists continue to struggle finding an energy source

Researchers from the University of Curtin are working hand in hand with renewable energy companies from all around the world to create a unique thermal battery that can produce electrical energy through the sun’s energy that is stored within it during the day. This type of renewable energy rivals the markets of other existing energy resources. This new innovation will serve as a game-changer in the way we run our equipment and machineries.

As of now, non-renewable energy runs our industries. They do not regenerate but they may be reproduced at a cost of a huge amount of time and resources. Thus, scientists have deviated their attention to obtaining energy from those that are renewable which eventually lead into the innovation of these thermal batteries.

How Does Thermal Battery Work?

Storage and stability have always been the main issue in handling renewable energy. Being fairly difficult to keep, it presents a challenge to scientists unlike an ordinary battery which is capable of storing chemical energy that can be converted into electrical energy when utilized. 

This newly designed thermal battery, on the other hand, has the ability to store solar energy emitted by the sun. It boasts its ability to keep the stored heat and retain its high energy state for a long period of time. Thermal energy will be continuously absorbed and it will be utilized to provide electricity for lights and machines. As the sun rises, thermal energy is again stored until the sun is down and the cycle continues.

How Can the Thermal Battery Convert the Stored Solar Energy into Electricity?

Energy inside the thermal battery is stored as heat energy that was absorbed and trapped by means of insulation. At night time, the heat stored in the thermal batteries is used to power-up electrical-powered devices by providing sufficient energy to spin the turbines. These turbines will subsequently release electricity due to the friction caused by their continuous spinning. The more thermal energy is released, the faster the turbines spin and subsequently, more electricity will be available for use.

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