How to Use Whatsapp Without Phone Number Verification

You know that an app is truly exemplary when it comes pre-installed on a phone and most people are actually delighted and not mortified to have it there. By and large, no one will argue the fact that as far as social media platforms go in the 21st century, WhatsApp has become a leader in that field that is second to none. Boasting one of the largest followings on the planet today, it would not be overstating times in any way or manner if you say that four of every five persons own a functional account on this platform.

Just What Makes WhatsApp Special?

What is truly amazing here is nothing other than the fact that this is one trend that shows no indication of dying. How can anyone even say something this bold, especially in light of how relatively easy for it appears to be for social media platforms to just up and fade into obscurity? Well, a simple look at the facts will have you reevaluating that position in a second! Various analysis points at one fact; that the WhatsApp audience continues to grow as more people have access to phones that are compatible with the platform and can access the internet. From another point of view, you can say that WhatsApp continues to strategically place itself in a place and manner that makes it almost impossible for you to have the internet and not have the application on your phone.

The secret to this seemingly matchless level of success and recognition can be traced back to the fact that they pride innovation above all else.

It is almost one of two things with this platform; either they are the ones setting the pace that the social media industry follows with amazing innovation and development strategies or they are one of the first to adopt and improve on any bit of advancement that their counterparts manage to churn out. But as you can see, no matter where or how the cookie crumbles, WhatsApp is always well positioned to take the largest crumbs!

Security Measures to Look Forward to Here

One thing that has made everything that they have to offer all the more attractive in recent times is the fact that they have also adopted a security conscious approach when it comes to the safety and privacy of all their users. While a lot of their counterparts are still trying to play catch up, they have been rolling out one update after another that ensures that every user on the platform knows just what is happening to their data (from messages to even other activities) and remains in the best position to determine just want they want to have happen to that information.

This level of control is understandably very attractive, not to mention appealing, particularly as we now live in a world where so much has gone out of our immediate sphere of influence. Of course, they still have a long way to go on their quest to ensure competent user safety on their social media platform. But even with that said, even the blind will be able to clearly tell that they are currently closer than most on the road to actually achieving this admirable and noteworthy feat.

One Minor Problem to Note

In reality and truth, WhatsApp does have a lot going for it, but as is the case with most things of this nature, a lot of people wish that they could do just a bit more, especially in certain regards. In of the areas where people would have loved to see WhatsApp be a little more flexible and accommodating is when it comes to the number of accounts that an individual can choose to operate with one phone number.

From the very inception of this social media platform to that, their policy on this particular matter has remained the same and unchanging; one phone number is only afforded the opportunity to create and access one WhatsApp account. They effectively also ensure and enforce this regulation in the manner in which you create the one account that you do have access to. When you are registering to use this platform, you would be asked to tender a functional and viable phone number in the process.

They ask this of you so that they can send a verification code (or in some cases, a verification call) through that number to you to ascertain that you are indeed who you are you are and you are completely willing to complete the action that you started. Now, without the provision of this number, the creation of your WhatsApp account cannot be done.

Options That Have Been Explored in the Past

This in turn also means that you won’t be able to access even one of the various features that the platform has to offer. To counter this rather pressing problem, many people have explored various options to bypass the security measure. Some of these tactics have included strategies like using cloned versions of WhatsApp and trying to use a landline phone to receive the verification data. All of these tactics have indeed worked in the past. But as we’ve said, WhatsApp is constantly evolving, which is why it did not really take long for them to find a viable means of shutting these routes down. Right now, you would find that if you employ any of these measures, they would either not work at all or they would function for a little while after which you would just find yourself suddenly shut out of your own account.

The Best Alternative You Can Explore Today

The most viable course of action that you can follow here is to quickly secure a temporary number for SMS verification. Various sources like can help you get this quickly. All you have to do is then input this new number into the space assigned for verification numbers. This virtual number functions in a way that will provide you all the verification information you need to complete your registration without any side-effects in the future!

So, when you are ready to create another WhatsApp account, you know just what you need to do now!

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